Pop Culture covers a decade a day

The Pop Culture class at VAMPY has an ambitious goal: to cover the majority of U.S. history in less than three weeks. Starting with the mid 1800s and ending with current times, the class uses lectures, debates, art, movies, advertisements, and more to get to know our country.    For the 1950 and ’60s, for […]

Physics can be fun!

This is my second year as a teaching assistant for the Physics class here at Vampy. I had somewhat of an idea what to expect when the kids started coming in on Monday morning. We immediately hit the ground running with content. The plan was to cover nearly an entire year of high school physics […]

DNA & Genetics: fruit flies, frogs, and . . . a cadaver?

The DNA and Genetics class wrapped up an eventful week last week and heads into the final few days of VAMPY with more fun in store. Students started last week looking at a synthetic cadaver and studying mutations in different fruit flies under the microscope. On Tuesday, we had a lesson and tour of the electron […]

The pursuit of language: Arabic at VAMPY

Language is a truly miraculous system through which we can describe the world around us, and foreign languages are essential for the globalized world in which we live. Each year, VAMPY offers a three-week course in Arabic, funded in part by the Qatar Foundation International. The course is similar in content to the first year […]