The Ultimate challenge

Some kids have really wanted the chance to play video games during SCATS, and they finally got the chance to do that when counselor Natalie H. brought out her Nintendo Switch on Monday and Tuesday. The game of choice was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the campers had a tournament full of chaotic, free-for-all, four-player […]

Nintendo for the win

One of the campers’ favorite optionals is to play some local multiplayer games on counselors’ Nintendo Switch consoles.   We played Just Dance earlier in camp and at the Olympics on Saturday. In Just Dance, four animated characters dance onscreen to a popular song that plays over the speakers. Each camper who is participating holds […]

Calculus, it’s just for fun!

The first week of SCATS 2022 is officially over, but it seems that the campers are having more and more fun as the days go on. One part of SCATS that seems to be a universal favorite are our optional activities that take place almost every weeknight.    On Monday night we had our penultimate […]