As day turns to night

At the end of every day, campers return to their floors to prepare for bed. You might think at this point they’d all be tired and ready to hit the hay, but it’s quite the opposite: Welcome to hall time.   During hall time, campers must stay on their floor and wing of Florence Schneider […]

Roman art

SCATS campers look forward to optionals almost every night. Kids meet me with questions like, “Ms. Emma, please, please, please tell us there is friendship bracelet making!” or “Emma, is there CTF at all?” I had the opportunity to create a fun optional based on our camp assistant Roman T.! We dubbed the optional “Roman Art.” […]

And now for something completely different

Nick Wilkins has been putting smiles on faces for decades with lessons learned from his schooling at clown college in Venice, FL. It’s easy to enjoy the animated face paint, colorful costumes, and clever tricks he teaches the students, but it goes much deeper when you sit and observe his class for a day. Sitting […]