What’s the scoop?

As SCATS campers swarm into the Fresh Food Company after class each day, dozens of meal choices await them. One food, however, seems to be the favorite above all else: soft serve ice cream. After campers finish their lunch and dinner, it is typical to see a group hovering near the ice cream machine. Most […]

Starting off strong

Early risers were able to release some energy Tuesday morning with counselor Mario H. After congregating in the lobby of Florence Schneider Hall, campers who chose to meet the 6:30 a.m. start time ran laps on Western’s campus. Campers were able to socialize and listen to their favorite tunes as they ran a safe and […]

Something for everyone

Mother Nature chased our SCATS campers inside for the night on Monday, but she didn’t dampen spirits. Each morning, counselors plan out our optionals, which are evening activities designed to appeal to a variety of interests. (And yes, the counselors do check the weather forecast!) Some optionals have been part of our summer camps for […]