Preparing for End-of-Grade Testing

By the Duke Talent Identification Program It’s March and your child may soon experience spring fever, anticipating the summer months that are just ahead. As school winds down, music recitals, awards banquets, and other end-of-the-year events fill the calendar. The flurry of activity can fuel your child’s restlessness, but the academic year is not over […]

Understanding Achievement Tests

By the Duke Talent Identification Program It’s no secret that standardized testing is increasingly common. Each year new tests appear, and it may seem that more school time is spent on testing than on teaching and learning. Yet test scores themselves are often difficult to interpret. In brief, achievement tests measure mastery of course content. […]

Listening for What Gifted Children Don’t Say

Gifted children often talk a lot. Their early vocabulary astounds their audiences and attracts amazed praise. The frequent and extraordinary approval reinforces their verbal skills and, by classical conditioning, causes them to feel intelligent while they’re talking. It’s no wonder they’re often so willing to share their knowledge—sometimes nonstop—with parents, classmates, teachers, and almost anyone […]

Ask the Experts: Underachieving Gifted Students

Can you recommend some resources to motivate an underachieving gifted student? Dear Dr. Courtright, Information you’ve shared in the past about traits of gifted students was right on point for my son, who is in the 8th grade and in the TIP program. It was also highly aligned to struggles my husband and I have […]