Campers Find Common Interests through Music

by Emily Leamon Optionals let us get to know campers outside of our own halls. As a camper, I would ask my peers and counselors their favorite music because it has the power to bring people together. Throughout my Optionals, I always try to incorporate music because I see it as a tool for understanding […]

The Great Outdoors

by Evan Kessler Before campers moved in, we were told to expect thunderstorms all during the first week of SCATS. However, Mother Nature has been very kind so far. We’ve been told every day to prepare for nasty weather, but on the first day at Optionals during the Live Action Role-Playing (LARPing), everything went swimmingly. […]

Creativity Is Everywhere at SCATS

Creativity is on display in a broad range of classes as teachers work with students to see what is not yet there, find connections no one has noticed, and build what does not yet exist.