VCon 2017: Legends Vs. Heroes!

The second weekend of VAMPY always brings one of the campers’ favorite events: VCon, formally known as VAMPY Convention. The annual event, inspired by Comic-Con, gives campers a perfect opportunity to showcase their nerd side while having a great time with friends. Each year at the beginning of camp, counselors decide on a theme for […]

Pop Culture gets out of the classroom and into history

The third week of VAMPY is starting off with a bang! The Pop Culture class is an interesting take on American history and culture that the students may not get in their traditional school curriculum. We are able to focus on popular trends within different decades and see how those past trends may affect future […]

Debates and D.C. fill the end of Presidential Politics week two

Our class had an eventful Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday last week. On Wednesday morning students finished examining the presidency of the George H.W. Bush years and researched some of our not-so-famous presidents. We then analyzed the 1992 presidential election by watching some of the commercials from each of the candidates and highlights from the actual […]