Arabic class full of enthusiasm

I can’t believe how much progress our Arabic students have made. The class has displayed a level of fluency even higher than that of many students in an Arabic 101 college course. They quickly mastered the Arabic alphabet within a few days, were able to write their names on the second day, and even discussed […]

VAMPY friendships show campers their own potential

Friendship between peers at VAMPY is one of the reasons many campers decide to come back. The friendships that are built in class, in halls, and at optionals are the backbone of many of our traditions at camp. Activities such as Ultimate Frisbee and soccer exemplify the respect and acceptance many campers have for their […]

Arabic students plunge in together

Instructor Lhouie Guerwane is introducing his students to the Arabic cartoon Sidibad. As he shows them pictures of the main characters, he uses gestures, repetition, and an expressive voice to help them comprehend what he is saying in a language they could not understand ten days before.