Ultimate Frisbee brings out the best in campers

It’s a cool Monday evening, and there is no study hall, leaving the kids with an extra hour to enjoy optionals. Rain was in the forecast, but thankfully the clouds got their business done earlier in the day because an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee is ready to go down. We gather at 7:30 outside […]

Freedom allows math campers to learn challenging content

Happy Independence Day from the VAMPY math class!  Appropriately, our campers have also “declared independence” from the traditional structured classroom setting.  Whether studying geometry, algebra, or calculus, each of our campers has been given the opportunity to work at his or her own pace.  The students are also given the freedom to work in their […]

Presidential Politics focuses on Reagan

Presidential Politics examined the presidency of Ronald Reagan on June 30 and July 3; we spent Friday analyzing Reagan’s first term and finished his second term on Monday. On Friday morning students discussed two court cases they had researched during study hall, watched several commercials from the 1980 election, and created posters for Jimmy Carter […]