Math class approaches its subject in multiple ways

The math class at Vampy is only three days underway, and already we have seen great excitement and growth from our students. They are working through a plethora of courses, ranging from Algebra 2 to Calculus III. As they learn at their own pace, they are able to ask questions that challenge even the best […]

Tuesday Optionals ranged from soccer to Squarepants

Hi all! Tuesday was for the most part a normal, activities-filled day. The campers had class and lunch, and then met up with their counselors in the afternoon to go to dinner. After wards, we had Optionals. These ranged from the more normal activities to ones that were a bit out there — just what […]

Humanities students share insights on the afterlife

VAMPY is off to a great start for the students and for Tracy Inman and me; in the short time that we’ve known them, the students have already shown us how talented, wise, hardworking, and intelligent they all are. During class they have been challenged to think critically about many topics, including philosophy, religion, history, […]