SCATS teachers make sure learning is fun

With the second day of classes at SCATS coming to a close, the campers are getting excited for another afternoon filled with fun Optionals, dinner with their friends, and even more time spent on WKU’s beautiful campus. The first day of camp was filled with unique and exciting activities, such as Game Room and Humans […]

Optionals provide freedom and fun after a day of learning

Monday evening, after a stimulating first day of classes, campers gathered on the South Lawn to participate in their first Optional of this year’s SCATS. Campers can participate in activities ranging from Friendship Bracelet-Making to Humans vs. Zombies that allow them to think creatively through games, physical activities, or arts and crafts. These Optionals, also […]

Long-distance travelers find SCATS worth the trip

This year, SCATS has brought together gifted middle schoolers from 10 different states. In terms of distance travelled, however, four campers stand out, having journeyed at least 800 miles to be here.