Optionals bring students out of their comfort zones

The second full day of camp brought a number of things: humid weather with a threat of storms, blossoming new friendships, and a greater understanding of why Western Kentucky University students are called “Hilltoppers.” The many activities planned by the counselors and Dr. Roberts have kept the campers both entertained and expanding their minds. For example, […]

Campers finding out what SCATS is all about

On our second day of classes, campers are finding out what a regular day at camp looks like. The rules are in place and the classes are underway so expect quite a few stories at the next phone time! Today we will have our first complete set of optional activities, AKA “mandatory fun,” community time, […]

Counselors prepare for campers’ arrival

When the first campers arrived on Sunday afternoon and were greeted by The Center staff, counselors were waiting excitedly in the halls for their first students to begin moving in. The counseling staff arrived at WKU’s campus on Friday, two days before SCATS began, to go through a comprehensive orientation. During these two days everything […]