Computer Science students learn about “binary” trees

Computer Science is, luckily, one of those subjects where we can inject ourselves into almost anything. That is to say, Computer Science is the art of solving problems – notably problems that are large and solved in ways that are fast. As I am writing this post (Tuesday), your (remarkably brilliant) students are playing a question-asking game: one […]

Students act out legal roles in Presidential Politics

Special from Dennis Jenkins Yesterday morning students shared what they learned in study hall and we discussed the legacy of several major decisions that presidents have made during the last 200 years. Students then picked a president of their choice to research and share what they learned about their administration. We then analyzed the controversy behind […]

Chemistry students use labs for advanced investigations

VAMPY 2015 has gotten off to a great start! In the Advanced Investigations in Chemistry class, students will gain knowledge, valuable lab experience, and also get an advanced look into chemistry careers that will better prepare them for a future in the science fields. Our main purpose is to prepare the students for an advanced level […]