Counselor’s Corner: The Last Day

The day started off with a solemn reminder that the campers were eating their last breakfast and their last lunch in Fresh Foods for the summer. Even though it was a tough realization, it didn’t stop the fun from being had throughout the day. The tradition of running through the fountain by the library this […]

Teacher’s Talk: Physics (Final Week)

It’s our last week here in the Physics class, and we’ve wrapped up nearly a year’s worth of material in just three weeks! On Monday, we covered mirrors and lenses in our optics unit.  Tuesday, Mr. Lee took the students over to Warren Central High school for the Infamous Wave Show. The kids learned in […]

Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (July 11)

It is hard to believe that today was our last day!  We took our last assessment this morning & finished our debate tournaments.  We also role-played a fictional debate to take place in the year 2040.  We ended class by wearing masks of the presidents & first ladies as we did a presentation to one […]