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VAMPY Recap 2014: The Final Day is Upon Us.

Welcome to the final Daily Update of VAMPY 2014.  Today, we saw the completion of the mural in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, as well as the trial of Adolf Hitler.  Pictures from the annual tradition of Fountain Run will be uploaded Monday morning! Please be sure to visit our Flickr site for pictures from […]

Teacher’s Talk: Anatomy and Physiology (Nursing, Diving, and Dissecting)

Wow! The last few days of Anatomy class have flown by. I hope you had the opportunity to see all of the wonderful anatomy pictures taken by Josh Raymer on July 9th. We had a photographer accompany us on our Wednesday morning visit to WKU’s new school of nursing at the Medical Center. During our visit, […]

Teacher’s Talk: Writing – Week Three Recap

The last week has been the culmination of an amazing journey for our community of writers. Last Friday, we traveled to Shakertown at South Union for some on-site writing time and appreciation of this historic local treasure. Early this week, students have been engaged in research for their debates that took place on Wednesday and […]

Teacher’s Talk: Teenagers on Film

Today the students in Teenagers on Film finished editing their films and have now posted them to a password-protected account on Vimeo. The films will premiere tonight at the VAMPY talent show and will be available for the students to show family and friends when they return home. As we finished up projects, students took […]

Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (July 10)

Today we finished discussing the Obama presidency.  We also spent time in the library so the students could finish the research for their three presidential debate tournaments.  We spent part of the day having students compete in the quarterfinals in each tournament.  We have a Presidential Hall of Fame Tournament, Presidential Honorable Mention Tournament, & […]