VAMPY 2014 Recap: Writing a Play Starts a Mathematical Chain Reaction

Welcome back parents and guests to The Daily Update!  Each day we will post the classes we took pictures of right below a brief summary of the day (like you see below)!  If you did not see your child today, keep checking in, as we will be taking pictures of different classes each day throughout […]

Teacher’s Talk: Anatomy and Physiology (Bones and Muscles)

Friday was spent learning about the bones of the skeletal system, and muscles were Monday’s topic. Students participated in a lab Monday morning where they used chicken wings to see how the muscles, bones, and tendons work together to move joints. Students also experimented with breaking a bone to see what impact it had on […]

Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (July 8)

Today, we began class by discussing their favorite part of yesterday’s field trip.  We then discussed the first term of the presidency of George W. Bush.  The students then went to the library to research their president they were given for the Hall of Fame Tournament.  After returning from the library we finished going over […]