VAMPY 2014 Recap: Transformers in Class

Welcome parents and guests to The Daily Update!  Each day we will post the classes we took pictures of right below a brief summary of the day (like you see below)!  If you did not see your child today, keep checking in, as we will be taking pictures of different classes each day throughout the […]

Counselor’s Corner: Day 4

The week is coming to an end but the fun is just beginning. Thursday, the campers went to their classes as they have been all week. After classes, students checked in with their counselors and went inside to briefly meet up with their friends. They checked the warm fuzzy board and exchanged friendship bracelets, both […]

Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (June 26)

Thursday morning, we analyzed how historians rank the presidencies of Nixon, Ford, & Carter.  We watched a short clip over Nixon & Ford’s years as President.  We then watched a great debate between President Gerald Ford (played by Izzy) & Governor Jimmy Carter (played by Jack).  Both students did an outstanding job as the class […]

Teacher’s Talk: Anatomy and Physiology (Day 4 – Tissues Practical)

We began Thursday’s session learning about different types of muscle tissue and their functions, as well as the characteristics and appearance of nervous tissue. We then used microscopes to view prepared slides of these cell types and diagrammed them in our lab notebooks. After our morning break, we completed a graphic organizer where we compared […]

Teacher’s Talk: Advanced Investigations in Chemistry (Day 4 -Gas Laws!)

It has been an exciting few days here in the Advanced Investigations in Chemistry lab. The students have been learning about Gas Laws. After having a short amount of lecture time, the students jumped right into the lab setting. The first lab of the series dealt with the Combined Gas Law and Dalton’s Law. During […]