VAMPY 2014 Recap: Toothpicks, Arabic, and a Goldendoodle!

Welcome parents and guests to The Daily Update!  Each day we will post the classes we took pictures of right below a brief summary of the day (like you see below)!  If you did not see your child today, keep checking in, as we will be taking pictures of different classes each day throughout the […]

Teacher’s Talk: Anatomy and Physiology (Studying Tissues)

On Wednesday, we spent a lot of the day looking through microscopes. In the morning, we learned the functions, locations, and physical characteristics of simple and stratified tissues. Then we reviewed how to use a compound light microscope and spent a lot of time looking at slides of the different tissues and drawing them in […]

Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics – June 25

In Tuesday night’s study hall, students studied the court case of Wisconsin v. Yoder, which dealt with the rights of religious groups. Students then wrote a position paper of whether or not they thought there should be term limits for Congress. Wednesday morning, our class began with the topic of what is an impeachable offense for […]