Counselor’s Corner: June 20th-Move Out Day

The day started out the same as any other at SCATS.  All the campers and counselors had breakfast together and then went their separate ways.  The campers were off to class; the counselors were off to plan activities for the day.  Except, today there were no activities to plan.  There was no community time to […]

SCATS Teacher’s Talk: Intro to Robotics 2014 Recap

Parents, your kids were wonderful these past couple of weeks, and I just wanted to share with you some of our experiences and curriculum that we covered over the course of this years SCATS. The first week, we did a variety of programming challenges. Follow the line, follow the leader, don’t fall off, etc. We […]

Jon E. Warren: Introduction

Hi all! I’m Jon E. Warren and I’m so excited to be a returning second year counselor for both #SCATS14 and #VAMPY14. I am a proud member of the Gatton Academy Class of 2012. I’m currently pursing a degree in Sport Management and minors in Marketing and Business Administration from Western Kentucky University. I’ve worked […]

Mati Turner: Introduction

Hi everyone!  I’m Mati and this is just a little post so parents and the campers can get to know me a little better.  I attended Hancock County Schools and the Gatton Academy and have lived in Kentucky my whole life.  In the fall, I’ll be attending the University of Kentucky to study Computer Science […]

Kristen Lyons: Introduction

Hey everyone! My name is Kristen Lyons, and this is my first summer as a counselor at SCATS and VAMPY. I went to SCATS for two summers and VAMPY for three, so I’ve grown up in The Center for Gifted Studies. I was born and raised in Bowling Green, KY and currently attend Western Kentucky […]