SCATS Recap: Only Three Days Are Left!

Only three more class days left in SCATS 2014 and the kids are not wasting a minute of the learning (and the fun) time.  Today, students were working on their literary pieces, performing works of art in the creative ceramics class, and some were even creating a modern day Hercules! Each day we will post […]

Teacher’s Talk: Manifest Desitny – Presentations and More

Would you move west? That is the question that has been posed. Today, the students displayed their knowledge concerning the effects of Manifest Destiny on the settlers, Native Americans, and railroad investors. PowerPoints, skits, posters, and oral presentations were just some of the ways information was shared today. Tomorrow, we will begin to develop our […]

Teacher’s Talk: Freedom Stories – Digital Documentaries (Week 1)

Our first week of SCATS was full of discovery!  The students were busy creating “memory trunks” of their experiences with the Sit-In Movements, Freedom Rides and protests of the American Civil Rights Movement.  The students have been introduced to leaders within the movement that are often forgotten “soldiers” in the fight for equality.  This week […]

Teacher’s Talk: Greek Mythology (Days 6-8)

We started this week taking a closer look at the story of Herakles, more commonly known as Hercules. We quickly found out Disney didn’t quite have the story right! On Monday, we read the actual 12 Labors of Herakles and today, students will have their choice of activities regarding the stories we read, which includes developing a video game […]

Counselor’s Corner: Back to Class

Yesterday the campers went back to class after their weekend break. They had mixed feelings because they loved the content of their classes but they did not get to spend as much time together as they did on the weekend. Last night, we strayed from the normal evening activities when the campers who had permission to be involved with […]