Making the Best of a Rainy Day – Counselor’s Corner: Ellie Hogg

As the third full day of camp comes to a close, it’s clear the campers are starting to settle into the routine of camp, and having a blast doing so. Today’s routine was a bit different from usual, though, as our schedule was somewhat thrown off by the torrential downpour that struck right as we […]

Teacher’s Talk: Greek Mythology – Day 3

What a day! Students had the opportunity to read and discuss several Greek myths today. The best part, however, was when they got to show off their acting skills! As a group, they chose their favorite myth. Once their favorite myth was chosen, they discussed and planned a skit for the rest of the class. […]

Teacher’s Talk: Be a Writer – Day 3

Wednesday’s session kicked off with the students writing poetry. Apparently, many people feel Wednesday is a long day, and this fact has led to a type of poetry known as enuegs or complaint poems. They are 13 lines long and serve as a creative outlet for whatever bugs us at the time. Other activities included: […]