Classes are Running on All Cylinders – SCATS 2014 Recap (Day 3)

Three days are now in the books for the SCATS campers! Today, issues of human equality and choice were being discussed in Youth for Human Rights, villains were being created in Think You Can Write A Better Book, different forms of scatterplots were being created with Twizzlers and tennis balls in Algebraic functions and acting […]

Counselor’s Corner: Katy Harvey (Day 2)

Day 2 of SCATS is in the books, and it’s been a great one! With most of the first-day-of-class nerves out of the way, students returned from their second day with plenty of interesting stories and new friends. It’s great to see how quickly friendships have formed just over the course of a few days. […]

Teacher’s Talk: Be A Writer – Monday and Tuesday

Please allow me to introduce myself and my co-teacher Linda Martin. We have both been teaching language arts for 20+ years in the middle school setting. I am in Ohio County and Linda is from Butler County. One of our passions is the teaching of writing and what a joy it is to teach at […]

Teacher’s Talk: It’s All in How You See It!

So far, SCATS has been off to a great start! Day two came with many surprises for the students. They very quickly found that with a little manipulation and focus on the composition of the photograph, they could create the images they have only seen in magazines. They have learned Leading Lines so far and […]

Teacher’s Talk: Greek Mythology – Day 1

Welcome to Greek Mythology! We had an awesome first day, which included learning about the main gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus. To learn what each was the god or goddess of, we created advertisements of products or services they might offer. It was great to see the students’ creativity!