The First Day of Classes Is In The Books!

What a great first day of classes we had at SCATS 2014! ¬†Students were clearly having fun in each of the classes they were in today. ¬†From Science – Discover It to How To Write A Better Book, students were engaged and active in all of their classes. Each day we will post the classes […]

Teacher’s Talk: Manifest Destiny and Settling the West

Slide back in American history before the West was won. Experience the expansion of America through the various perspectives of Native Americans, Settlers, and Railroad investors. Analyze the affect technology and economics had on settling the West. Finally, decide if expansion of the United States was good or bad. What impact has Manifest Destiny had […]

Teacher’s Talk: Photography-It’s All in How You See It!!

Hi! My name is Toni Baldwin and I am so excited to be teaching photography at SCATS this year! I am a Gifted and Talented teacher in Hardin County and absolutely love every minute of it! I have been able to teach photography at our Super Saturday programs with our Gifted Middle School students and […]

Teacher’s Talk – Kristy Standiford Introduction

Hello! My name is Kristy Standiford and I will be teaching a creative writing class for SCATS this year. I currently teach Language Arts and Social Studies to 4th and 5th graders at Southern Oaks Elementary School. I love reading and writing, and it is very exciting to work with a group of gifted and […]

Counselor’s Corner: Opening Day!

Wow, what a day! The first day of camp has flown by and all of the campers are nestled safely on their halls for the night. This afternoon was filled with the excitement of new and returning campers and everyone found their counselor and got moved in in due time. After the parents said their […]