VAMPY 2013: Recap (Day 15)

The final day of classes at VAMPY has come and gone.  The kids had a blast this year learning in all of their classes.  More pictures will be posted soon from tonight’s activities, which include the banquet and the last dance!   Genetics (Taken by Mary Ellen Lohr)   Nazi Germany and the Holocaust   […]

Teacher’s Talk: Physics (Day 15)

To send off our students on a good note, the Physics class was served quite a few surprises. Mixing in the last of the lectures over atoms and nuclear physics, Dr. Lee and I gave them a surprise party to help make their last day fun. With ice-cream cake and fun prizes, the students enjoyed […]

Counselor’s Corner: Matthew Hunt

Yesterday was the second to last full day of camp. After dinner, we had the talent show which was amazing this year. Lots of individual acts plus all of the traditional group acts such as VAMPY Ignition. After the talent show, we had cryfest outside of Florence Schneider. Cryfest is a traditional event that happens […]

Teacher’s Talk: Chinese (Day 14)

Graham was happy when he found out that Victor in Anshan, China  plays the same computer game. They skyped at 9:15am here in Bowling Green, when it was 10:15pm Thursday night in China.   Tori enjoyed practicing her Chinese with Mrs. Men, principal of Anshan Leading Language Training School in China. Tori also asked Mrs. Men […]

Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (July 11)

It is hard to believe we only have one more day!  Today students participated in several debates including a group debate in which the class was divided into Democrats & Republicans discussing the key issues of the 2008 presidential election.  We also finished our quarterfinal matchup of the Presidential Face-Off Tournament.  Students also watched several […]