Teacher’s Talk: Chinese – Songs and Cuisine (Day 11)

Today, we heard several variations on Chinese singing. All were quite beautiful, of course, but there was a “version”, I guess, of it that was amazing. It was this woman in about her 30’s singing , but she used no words! Her entire song was sounds like “Tia” or “Hwa”. They were really good when […]

VAMPY 2013: Recap – Day 11

The campers were learning a lot on the first day of the final week of VAMPY 2013.  From painting a mural in Nazi Germany to looking at owl pellets in Forensic Chemistry, all the students are having a good time! Astronomy and Problem Solving   Break Time Fun Forensic Chemistry Math, Dr. Brantley’s Class   […]

Counselor’s Corner: Anthony Gutierrez

Saturday was an exciting day for the VAMPY campers as we had our annual V-Con! This year, the theme was none other than Mythical Creatures, with dragons swooping in on the opening ceremony.  There were many different themed events being held such as creating your own mythical creature, creating your own equipment such as shields to […]

Teacher’s Talk: Chinese – Lady White and Lady Autumn (Day 10)

The Chinese class and Humanities classes collaborated to perform the Chinese legend “Lady White,” which helped further demonstrate what the Chinese culture thinks about after life. It is a famous folktale about a white serpent falling in love with a human who saved her life 1,750 years ago. The Arabic and Writing classes were invited […]