Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (Happy 4th of July!)

Happy 4th of July to everyone! Today students celebrated our nation’s birthday in Presidential Politics by watching part of the John Adams movie where the Continental Congress votes to break away from Great Britain in declaring our independence.  Students also reflected & shared what it means to be free & what traditions they consider to be American. We also had a very […]

Counselor’s Corner: The Fourth of July (Cameron Black)

It was an awfully dreary day here at VAMPY.  As a Floridian, I’m not used to rain in the summer time, yet this rain could not dampen the VAMPY spirit.   Classes continued today and the fun did not stop. From the cookout, to the optionals, VAMPY kept on ticking. With Fourth of July themed […]

Teacher’s Talk: Chinese – Nixon and China, Then and Now! (Day 8 and 9)

Students in Chinese have been learning about different things in the CI Learning Center. Today they each picked one item and explained the Chinese culture to our special guest speaker, Morton Holbrook, and his son, Stephen who went to VAMPY for 3 years. In the photo, Sarah explained one of the “Four Gentlemen”– plum blossom […]

Teacher’s Talk: Humanities Field Trip (Day 8)

This past Wednesday the Humanities class journeyed to St. Meinrad, Indiana to visit the St. Meinrad’s Monastery. Hidden in the hills of Indiana, this beautiful archabbey, one of only eleven in the world, is home to over 90 monks. This monastery is of the Roman Catholic Benedictine order, an order that stresses hospitality as one […]