Carroll Wells Visits the VAMPY Math Classes

Today, Dr. Carroll Wells came to speak with the mathematics classes at VAMPY. Currently, Dr. Wells is department chair at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. The talk began by mentioning Euclid, The Elements, geometry, and calculus. He then introduced the main focus of his talk, topology. Wolfram MathWorld says “is the mathematical study of the properties […]

VAMPY 2013: Day 8 Recap

Campers were very busy on this 8th day of camp!  Campers were seen constructing egg drop crates, learning about blood types, and listening to several guest speakers.   Chemistry   Chinese and Presidential Politics   Genetics   Math   Physics  

Counselor’s Corner: Ayla Townsend – Star Gazing

The Astronomy class began 4 years ago at VAMPY and brought with them an annual tradition. Last night Bob Summerfield, founder and director of Astronomy To Go, as well as the Astronomy class led a Star Gazing Party. Telescopes as big as 36″ were used during the activity. We were lucky to have a clear night and […]

Teacher Talk: Presidential Politics (July 2)

This morning in Presidential Politics students read over 3 Supreme Court cases from last week.  We also examined a court case from 1978 ‘Regents of the University of California v. Bakke’ and related that to the affirmative action court case from last week.  Students examined different liberal & conservative viewpoints from magazines, newspapers, & websites […]

Teacher’s Talk: Chinese – Tai Qi! (Day 7)

Today we did Tai Qi, learned family-related words, painted masks, and read the tale of the Monkey King. The Tai Qi helped to wake me up, loosen my muscles, and made my joints feel better. It was nice to have a way to make myself healthier. We also learned many family-based words in Chinese. This […]