Teacher’s Talk: Chinese – Day 6

Students read about Chinese dumpling making in The Joy Luck Club! Today guest speaker, Kenny Lin, taught them how to fold the skin and make pretty Chinese dumplings and shared many stories about dumplings. Did you know that on Chinese New Year, if you can eat dumplings with coin in it, it brings you luck! […]

VAMPY 2013: Recap (Day 6)

Josh and I were taking pictures all around campus and caught three classes solving a pandemic, a concrete canoe being formed, and the physics class getting to the point of things. Break Time Fun   Astronomy   Chemistry   Forensic Chemistry   “Pandemic” – Genetics, Forensic Chemistry and Chemistry   Humanities   Math – Ms. […]

Teacher’s Talk: Chinese (Day 5)

Students enjoyed Chinese brush painting today. They learned the techniques to paint bamboo branch and leaves. Although they all are beginners,their paintings are wonderful! ¬†Look at the way they hold their Chinese writing brush– very appropriate and amazing! Dr. Yin from Richmond, Kentucky, spoke to students in Chinese class and Sustainability class about the proper […]