Counselor’s Corner: Dixa Patel

As the morning began today, the campers slowly but surely followed their counselors to breakfast to begin yet another exciting day at VAMPY. Most seemed to have worked out the kinks and had been able to find a somewhat steady routine that would ensure their survival at camp over the next three weeks. As breakfast […]

Teacher’s Talk: Calligraphy & Folktales! (Chinese Day 3)

Today I did calligraphy in Chinese class. It was really, really fun. I learned that to write the characters properly, you must have good posture and hold the brush upright. There are certain areas that you have to press down harder while writing. It takes a long time to get good at it, but I […]

Teacher Talk: Presidential Politics Day 3 (June 26)

We had quite an eventful day in Presidential Politics as we started out previewing the presidency of Richard Nixon, watched a short clip over his presidency & looked at ten different categories that historians have traditionally used to evaluate his years in office.  We also read a short passage from the book “Presidential Leadership” that dealt with […]

Teachers Talk: Genetics – Day 3

Although there is no visible growth yet in our corn experiment, the students watered their corn and wrote down their observations in the lab journals. The students also checked up on their bean beetle experiment, conducted maintenance, and wrote down their observations about what kind of beans the beetles were preferring. Students also began another […]