Teacher’s Talk: Physics (Day 1, 2, & 3)

We are all excited about another year of VAMPY in the Physics class! Dr. Lee, myself, and our 15 students have hit the ground running, covering multiple topics in a day. On Monday, we covered the basics of physics- velocity, measurements, and acceleration- with fun and interactive demonstrations, videos, and group projects. The students completed […]

VAMPY 2013: Recap (Day 3)

Today, our cameras caught students getting in touch with their Egyptian sides, learning a new language, perfecting a familiar one, enjoying flying some unique aircrafts and having a little fun!   Arabic Chinese Forensic Chemistry Humanities Problems You Have Never Solved Writing Random Fun

Teacher’s Talk: Astronomy – What’s New?

Hello! My name is Caley Melton and I am the TA for the VAMPY astronomy class and I want to report some awesome news here in astronomy classroom! With a mixture of unique and brilliant students, the VAMPY astronomy class is off to a very good start! After some memorable introductions, we dove straight into […]

Counselor’s Corner: Sunny Park – Classes, Classes, Classes!

One of the distinguishing characteristics of VAMPY is the campers’ opportunity to study a single subject in depth.  Campers explore multiple facets of a topic in a variety of methods.  When I visited three classes today, I discovered that campers have been doing just that: learning in ways that are not traditionally accessible in their […]

Teacher’s Talk: Today we count and remember! (Chinese Day 2)

It was another busy day. Other than the language study, students in the Chinese class enjoyed playing mahjong which the main characters played in The Joy Luck Club. Ms. Niu taught them how to wash tiles, set up, and use different strategies. No wonder mahjong has become a very popular game in the USA  to […]