Teacher’s Talk – Day 2 Foods: Manipulating the Food Guide

Today we recreated the digestive system from household objects. The students did a wonderful job talking about the process and relating each object to a structure and function of digestions and how we get the nutrients from our foods. Most importantly we learned that all food has nutrients of some sort. We also figured out that […]

Magically Miraculous Math: Day 7

Today we talked about number systems. We examined the Mayan, Egyptian, and Greek numbers and tried to guess what they represented and why. Afterwards, we created our own systems and shared with the class what they meant. We also talked about the various types of numbers (complex, real, rational, irrational, integers, natural numbers, etc.). Prime […]

Counselor’s Corner: Matthew Hunt

This past weekend was a fun-filled weekend with lots of activities. Saturday afternoon was the inaugural SCATS Olympics. There were nine total teams representing countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation and Brazil to name a few of them. There were three main events: a dodgeball tournament, an academic team […]

Magically Miraculous Math: Days 5 and 6

Things around camp have been very busy. On Friday, the students presented their presentations about mathematicians in history. One of the deepest conversations came from the presentations about Felix Klein. He invented the Klein bottle (seen to the left) which is a closed nonorientable surface of Euler characteristic 0 (Dodson and Parker 1997, p. 125) that has no inside or outside, […]