SCATS 2013: Day 7 (All Periods)

All of the classes are seemingly doing very fun things. ┬áSo many are learning and having fun every class that we cannot get pictures of them all. Below are the classes we obtained today! Clowning, Period 2 Creative Ceramics, Period 2 Fair and Impartial Justice, Period 4 The Hunger Games, Period 1 The Hunger Games, […]

Teacher’s Talk: The Hunger Games

Wow! What a great experience SCATS has been for me this year! We have had a great time in our Hunger Games Class, and the students have been stellar. I am backdating some pictures with descriptions to catch you up to today! I will start off by saying that I chose to do the Hunger […]

Teacher’s Talk: Day 6 and 7 Foods – Manipulating the Food Guide

A big shout out to the students! Examining and designing food plans is going great. Students are seeing and appreciating how we are all different and have different needs. I am really impressed with the discussions and on task behavior all my students are displaying! Way to go SCATS Campers!

Teacher’s Talk: Day 5 Foods – Manipulating the Food Guide

Today, we examined the nutrient content of various food items while rotating through centers. We used the nutrition panels from drinks, cereals, and fast foods menus. Some students might not be drinking sodas for a while, as they actually measured the teaspoons of sugar in one bottle of soda. While we need both simple sugars […]

Teacher’s Talk: Day 3 Foods – Manipulating the Food Guide

Today we turned our classroom into a laboratory! We became lab technicians for a forensic team in helping to solve a murder. By conducting a few simple tests on samples from various suspects, we determined the macromolecule makeup of each sample and matched it to a sample from the crime scene. What could we be […]