Magically Miraculous Math: Day 4

Today in class, we did research in the computer lab. Students were asked to research a mathematician and create a PowerPoint presentation. The students had not heard of many of the mathematicians which made for a great learning opportunity. Tomorrow the students will be presenting what they learned to the class. You can see the […]

SCATS 2013: Day 4 (Periods 3-4)

Here are the pictures from the second half of SCATS 2013, Day 4. If you missed the pictures from the first half of the day, click here.   Acting, Period 3 Musical Performance Troupe, Period 4 The Hobbit, Period 4

Counselor’s Corner: Ayla Townsend (Midweek Update!)

Hey everyone! Camp has been a great success so far and we are confident the remainder of camp will go just as well! The kids had the best time in optionals yesterday. Kyle Ritter, Austin Lyons, and I ran the Water Warfare optional, which was perfect to make the heat yesterday a little more bearable. […]

SCATS 2013: Day 4 (Periods 1-2)

Josh and Zack were out again this morning taking pictures of three more classes.  Day 4 and these campers are still having a blast in their classes!   Career Decision Making, Period 2 Fabrics and Fashions, Period 1 The Outsiders:  Change is in the Air, Period 1 More to come this afternoon, so be sure […]

Counselor’s Corner: Morgan Fife

Greetings from SCATS! We are mid-way through the first week of camp and campers are enjoying their time in classes and with their fellow campers.  Today we had fun with optional activities while staying cool in the heat.  Campers played games with water balloons and sponges and had several other fun games to play including […]