Spotlight on Optionals: Football

The mercury of the thermometer was high and so was the level of competition on “gridiron” of the Colonnades on Wednesday night. Two teams were pitted in a battle for supremacy and the bragging rights for the night. Both teams were very evenly matched which reflected in the final score and duration of the game. […]

Teacher’s Talk: Be a Writer Class

What a wonderful group of campers we have at SCATS this year!  The days are just flying by.  In our class, we have already written three pieces: an autobiography, a parts of speech poem, and a “Where I Stand” personal essay.  We have been so impressed with the writing ability of  this class.  The anthology […]

Magically Miraculous Math: Day 3

Today in class, we learned about fractals. To help students understand the concept better, we made our own Menger sponge (see photos below). I had each student make a single cube. Then we combined 20 of them to create the 1st iteration. To make the 2nd iteration, we would need 400 of the cubes, so […]

SCATS 2013: Day 3 (Periods 2-4)

Here are pictures from Day 3 at SCATS from Periods 2 through 4. (Period 1 pictures can be seen by clicking here.) Food to Meet Our Needs Handmade Books   Magically Miraculous Math   Mixed Media, Multicultural   Russian:  Language and Culture   The Civil War

SCATS 2013: Day 3 Recap (Period 1)

Here are some of the photos taken today during Period one of the third day of SCATS. As always, you can go to for more photos. Be A Writer   Greek Mythology   Pop Culture