SCATS 2013: Day 2

The students were having a blast in their classes on Day 2.  Below are the classes our photographers made it to today! (To see all of the pictures or to download them, visit our Flickr site by clicking here.) Clowning, Period 1 Fair and Impartial Justice, Period 3   Food to Meet Our Needs, Period […]

Magically Miraculous Math: Day 2

Today we discussed Pascal’s Triangle. Through our discussions, we learned about the sum of rows, triangular numbers, tetrahedral numbers, and pentatope numbers. We also created our own triangles related to Pascal’s triangle and discussed properties of these new triangles. In one of the classes, we were able to talk about some introduction to graph theory. We talked about the Königsberg […]

Counselor’s Corner: Macauley Campbell

The first day of classes were fabulous yesterday! My campers said some of their favorites classes were The Hobbit, Russian: Language and Culture, and Magically Miraculous Math. I also loved seeing all the balloon animals that students made in Clowning! The different optional activities the SCATS campers participated in were Capture The Friends (friendship bracelet making), […]

Counselors Corner: Cameron Black

The first day is always the most difficult: expectations are setting in. How will my classes be? Will I make new friends? How are my counselors? However, the first day of SCATS exceeded all expectations; the kids were great, and the morning was very smooth. Our kids were not late for breakfast in the morning, […]