Genetics: Bacterial Experiments

As we begin our third week, we will be looking at many different bacterial experiments. Monday we began our bacterial synergism experiment in which we will observe the interactions of bacteria growing in the same petrie dish. Some students will grow control dishes with only one kind of bacteria, and the others will have different […]

Counselor’s Corner: New Experiences and the Return of Optionals!

As VAMPY begins its final week, our campers are being exposed to new and exciting experiences as well as enjoying the last times for traditional activities like evening optionals and community time. Yesterday, campers enjoyed a break from the normal schedule in order to hear Beth Tyrie, a graduate student in WKU’s Geoscience program, speak […]

Chinese: Debating and Singing

Monday we held a debate in British parliamentary style on the motion that American factories in China should be held to the same standards to those in the U.S. in terms of the working environment. I was happy to be one of the three judges. Though everyone presented some interesting facts, several of the debaters were phenomenal, […]

Pig Autopsies & Origami: Just Another VAMPY 2012 Tuesday

Tuesday got off to a smelly start for students in the Forensic Chemistry class as they performed pig autopsies with a partner. Meanwhile, students in Math made origami before taking to the sidewalk behind Snell Hall for a much-needed break.

Counselor’s Corner: Beginning of the Final Week!

It’s the beginning of the end here at VAMPY 2012. We’re going out with a bang, though! We still have a round of optionals, a dance, the talent show, and other exciting things to look forward to. Monday, the campers to listened to a guest speaker talk about computer science majors. Unfortunately, the weather has […]