Campers Have a “Super Hero” Time at VCON 2012

The 2012 VAMPY Convention — more affectionately called VCON — thrilled our campers this weekend with a range of superhero-themed activities from secret identity creation (during which they made superhero masks), to a pi memorizing/pie eating contest, to a screening of the 1960s version of Batman, to a Super Smash Brothers tournament, to DC vs. […]

Chinese: So You Think You Can Dance?

This past Friday, our class started off with a bang! We began the day with calligraphy of the characters for “good luck” and “forever.” The screen was pulled down over the nostalgically green chalkboard, and we all got up, excited to do our second session of Tai Ji. After balancing our Qi and returning from […]

Sustainability: Students Explore Multiple Perspectives

It’s impossible to escape bias. Through readings, documentaries, and lively class discussions, students in the VAMPY Sustainability course have considered a broad range of topics—climate change, food production, energy consumption, housing, solid waste management, recycling. Yet every “authority” we’ve consulted brings some bias to the table. Two recent site visits offered students the opportunity to […]

Genetics: Field Trip and Friday

Thursday, Dr. John Andersland took us on a field trip to the WKU Biological Preserve to observe the biodiversity in our region. The students canoed down the Green River in groups of two or three, and we stopped to eat at a blue hole where almost everyone jumped in and swam. Friday the students each […]

Counselor’s Corner: It’s The Last Sunday at VAMPY!

Yesterday was the last Sunday at VAMPY 2012, and the campers stuck to the usual Sunday routine. Though Sundays are not as busy as other days, there was a lot going on; Church services, The Wimbledon tournament on the projector screen in the 4th floor common room, and many kids utilizing the laundry rooms. Saturday […]