A VAMPY 4th of July

Sprawled out on the lawn of the scenic Bowling Green Hot Rods stadium Tuesday evening, VAMPY 2012 campers watched the stars-and-striped-clad home team defeat the Dayton Dragons 5-1. After rooting the Hot Rods to victory, the excited crowd watched a marvelous fireworks show in honor of Independence Day. The campers loved the festive atmosphere and […]

Sustainability at WKU

VAMPY students have recently had multiple opportunities to learn about Western Kentucky University’s commitment to sustainability. Christian Ryan-Downing, Campus Sustainability Coordinator, was our host for the WKU Green Tour. Reusing abandoned bicycles in the Big Red Bike program, watering plants using stored rainwater, and experimenting with highly reflective asphalt coatings (to reduce “heat island effect”) […]

Chinese: A very busy day!

On Tuesday morning, our Chinese class performed two acts of “Monkey King” or “Journey to the West,” two of the four major classic Chinese tales, for Ms. Logsdon’s writing class. Then, Ms. Niu, our wonderful TA, guided our class in a debate on the topic, “American factories in China should hold the same standard in […]