VAMPY 2012 Day Four: Hot Outside, Cool in the Classroom

The weather outside is hot, hot, hot today, but the activities in VAMPY 2012 classrooms are oh so cool. Notably, our Physics students demonstrated Newton’s First Law of Motion with “magic tricks” like pulling a table cloth out from under plates, which remained safely on the table. Check out this and more in our gallery […]

Counselor’s Corner: News Alert

Today’s top story: Camper Luke One Step Closer to Achieving World Domination (at least on cardboard) War is RISKy business. Early this morning Luke put the final nail in the coffin of Jaterrius’s armies. After being driven out of Africa, Jaterrius attempted a last ditch attack on Luke’s armies in southern Europe. Valiantly delaying the […]

Forensic Chemistry: Finding Evidence

We got to spend some time outside today! We learned about grid searches and put our new found knowledge to use. We split up into three groups and searched three different areas looking for evidence, marking it with an evidence flag when we found it. We managed to lose only two of the 33 pieces […]

Counselor’s Corner: Optionals for Everyone

VAMPY has started off wonderfully. Camp has been running very smoothly, and the optional activities that we have had/will have are wonderful. So far at VAMPY, I have led a kickball optional and a Magic: The Gathering optional. Wednesday, I led an optional with Matthew Coleman called “The Matt’s Weird Weekly Wednesday Optional” during which […]