Counselor’s Corner: One Week in the Books

The only full weekend of SCATS came to a close Sunday, and the kids were reluctant yet excited to start class again. They are now in the midst of an exciting week. Between preparing for the talent show, the dance, and the closing slideshow, we counselors are as busy as ever! What a week it has been, […]

Seven Wonders Winners

Students worked last week to choose a wonder they believe should be considered a new wonder. They thought about this based on the size and uniqueness of the building. After doing so, they were asked to create a poster which would be used to persuade the other class to vote for their choice. Those who […]

Paper Theater 2012

Paper Theater is one of SCATS’ most long-standing and popular traditions. SCATS 2012 campers became part of the legacy Saturday evening when they acted out classic fairy tales with modern twists and aesthetic limitations. The only supplies allowed for costumes, props, and backdrops were newspapers, masking tape, and one permanent marker. The kids had a […]

Counselor’s Corner: Happy Father’s Day from SCATS

As the first week of SCATS 2012 comes to a close and the second week begins, we want to all take time out to wish all the dads of our wonderful SCATS campers a Happy Father’s Day! The weekend was great. Saturday was filled with tons of activities for everyone. Despite the rain, two other […]

Be a Writer Day 5

Where did the week go?  We have had a fantastic time with this special group of young adults. On Friday, we began the day with the statement, “Good writers are observant.” All of the day’s activities revolved around that premise. The students were given a crime scene to study for a limited amount of time, […]