Spanish Art & Architecture: Moorish Tiles of Spain

So far this week, students have completed three tiles that show various techniques for Spanish tile design. We learned about hand-painted tiles, sgraffito or scratch design tiles, and using the sculptural method of modeling to create a raised “relief” tile. We also completed the transfer of our Cubist drawings to canvas and are now in […]

Amusement Park Physics: Students Push and Pull Their Way Into Forces

Yesterday the students learned about forces. First, we played a game of Tug of War, then a couple of games of Jenga. These everyday games allowed the students to have fun while learning the importance of balanced and unbalanced forces. Next we performed some experiments with friction. They had to measure the force it takes […]

Be a Writer Day 3

Yesterday’s theme was, “Good writers are passionate.”  We are in a routine now — continuing to spend time each day conferencing, reading, word processing in the lab, and of course, writing.  Our new challenge was to write a poem about any topic and include all the parts of speech in the poem. Once the poem […]

Genetics: Genotypes and Phenotypes With Easter Eggs

Yesterday we worked with Easter egg genetics to understand Punnett Squares, genotypes and phenotypes. Each egg had either homozygous or heterozygous traits, and then according to the phenotype, students had to figure out the genotypes that were inside the egg. When they opened the plastic egg, they were able to see if their Punnett Squares […]