Be a Writer Day 2

“Good writers know themselves.” That was the topic as we began our second day as a community of writers. Once again, the day was jam-packed with activities. Today we continued to work on our notebook covers and our autobiographies. We learned more Smiley Face Tricks,  and read the class novel as writers, looking for those […]

Amusment Park Physics Takes on Motion

We had a fun day yesterday learning about speed, velocity, and acceleration. After moving to a different building for the day, we settled in and took off running…or in the students’ case, speed walking. The two lab experiments asked them to work with speed and acceleration. They spent the class time walking and hopping back […]

Appalachian Folk Tales: Beanstalk vs. Bean Tree

Students are really excited about reading and listening to the Appalachian Folk Tales, or Jack Tales. One thing we learned is how difficult it is to read Jack Tales with a strong Appalachian dialect. Our brains want to fix the grammatical errors we encounter as we read. Plus, we compared the English version of “Jack […]

An Introduction to Genetics

We have been having a blast in genetics! We have been working on: •    Genotypes •    Phenotypes •    Dominant and recessive traits •    Punnett Squares •    Learning the meaning of heterozygous and homozygous •    Discovering if we can taste PTC paper •    Comparing and calculating the frequency of common genetic traits among our fellow campers […]