Counselor’s Corner: Getting to Know You — Down to Earth!

Counselor Leah Hughes   During the very first day, the counselors had quite a time getting to know the campers as the campers got to know each other in a series of get-to-know-you games. The campers, arranged according to counselor group, rotated around to different activities playing different games from elbow tag to pterodactyl to […]

SCATS 2012 Days 1 & 2

We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the first glimpses inside SCATS 2012. So, here you are, the first few days of SCATS as seen by our lenses!

Counselor’s Corner: Stormy Skies and Lightning Bolts

Yesterday was a great day for SCATS 2012 as all of the campers scurried off to their classes eager to learn.  After the classes came another exciting part of day — the optional activities put on by counselors.  Campers had the option to play Ultimate Frisbee or soccer, learn how to play the card game […]

Amusement Park Physics Takes Off with Energy

Amusement Park Physics takes a lot of in-class movement, discussions, and experimentation. As the students realized yesterday, they cannot learn physics simply by reading a book or listening to lectures. The students came in ready and eager to learn. We started out by making Science Notebooks in which the students will write during this class. […]

7 Wonders of the Ancient World Begins!

Students have been challenged today to bring an item in to class which they can use to identify at least three criteria that makes the object specific to them. This will lead into our discussion about what criteria the 7 Ancient Wonders had to meet to be considered a “wonder.” I’m ready to see what […]