I Feel Like a Philosopher and I Like It!

In Mrs. Ashby’s Write Like a Scientist class, students took their new skills of observation and questioning out into a world “they have never seen before.” Looking at the world from a new point of view left the students in awe of the world they have never really noticed before. Some student comments: “I have […]

Paper Theater Comes to SCATS

One of the great traditions of SCATS is Paper Theater. The campers are broken into groups, given a fairy tale and list of characters, a stack of newspapers to make costumes and a few props. 30 minutes later it isn’t Broadway, but it sure is fun.

SCATS Kids Have Fun Making New Friends

It might have been a wet weekend, but the SCATS kids had a great time eating pizza and hanging out with new friends. There is always something to do on campus with 200 other 6th, 7th, and 8th grade gifted kids. Thursday night there is a dinner and talent show and then they must go […]