Greetings From The Math Challenge

For four days the Challenge students have explored many problem solving strategies such as Think One, Finding Patterns, Function Machines, and using Venn Diagrams, Charts, and Diagrams. The students have become comfortable sharing their thinking with their peers, which is way out of “the comfort zone” for many. I am proud of them!! By far […]

Instant Friends

When I was in middle school, I left home for the first time to attend a summer camp called SCATS.  Little did I know that nine years later I would be spending yet another summer with The Center for Gifted Studies. It did not take long for my group to remind me why I continue […]

The 2010 Beginning of SCATS

Wow! The first few days of SCATS have been busy! Everyone is getting into the swing of things and I finally have time to put up a post! Here’s a quick recap from the past few days: Sunday: Check in and orientation went smoothly. By the first hall meeting, bonds were already beginning to form. […]

Community Fun in the DUC

Last night the SCATS campers had the opportunity to spend some time as a community on the fourth floor of the Downing University Center. They had the option of playing pool, arcade games, air hockey, ping pong, bowling, or simply hanging out and interacting. Between games of pool, I wandered about the floor and filmed […]