Campers Just Need to Have Fun!

Counselors Jennifer and Kristine took some shots of campers making crafts and enjoying a few of the after class activities Tuesday evening. “Miss home?” one students said, “I love SCATS. I have made so many new friends. This is great!”

Day Three from Julia Roberts

Wednesday marks the mid-point of week one of SCATS.  The temperatures have been high, but the “happy quotient” has been high as well.  Thirty-four teachers, 22 counselors, and 202 campers are filling the days with classes and activities.  Yesterday afternoon residential campers received their copies of Shift, the book for the SCATS One Read, and […]

Magically Miraculous Math – Day 2

On Tuesday, June 15, the Magically Miraculous Math class explored whether pi (π) or infinity (∞) is “larger.” The students were able to see that a proper explanation is needed because larger can be defined in multiple ways. In the end, the students discovered that although infinity is a concept, it is considered to be […]